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Caffeine in Juice?
Caffeine has no taste. Sometimes you don't want coffee or cola. Fruit juice is a natural, healthy drink and the caffeine gives you the "buzz" you need to get things done.

When are people drinking Buzz Juice?
How and when you drink it is up to you.
Before bed would be unwise although some people have reported astonishing sexual abilities under the influence of Buzzjuice.
Lunchtime is the typical time for a Buzz. You won’t get sleepy and ge tso much done you will certainly get a huge promotion within a short time.
Scholastic losers who put off
studying till the last minute will find a higher state of awareness and superhuman learning potential. Also it’s good with pizza.
Buzzjuice is fantastic as a stimulant
before working-out. Also - caffeine is explainable when you find yourself peeing in a cup at the Olympic trials.

What's up with the Caffeine?
Caffeine is a natural stimulant and is present in foods like coffee, chocolate, and colas. Each 20 oz bottle of Buzz Juice is fortified with 100 mgs. of pure natural caffeine. In comparison the average 7 oz. cup of coffee contains between 60 and 125 mgs. of caffeine depending on how it is made and the average cola contains around 40 mgs.of caffeine. So one bottle of Buzz Juice gives you the kick of about 2 cans of cola or a strong cup of coffee. (for a detailed FAQ on caffeine check out : )

Is Caffeine good or bad?
Tons of research has been done on the effects of caffeine. The bottom line is that caffeine is totally safe when used in moderation. The benefits are obvious. You can stay awake and alert when working or driving. Athletes often use caffeine to enhance workouts. What's the down side? If you use too much caffeine there are obvious side effects, nervousness, restlessness, irritability and rapid heart beat. If you feel those symptoms its time to back off.

What about the Juice?
Each 20 oz. bottle of Buzz Juice contains at least 15% all natural fruit juice compared to the measly 5% to 10% you get from most of the juice drinks on the market today. And most of them don't have the "Snap" of caffeine that is in Buzz Juice.

Does it have any honey in it?
Of course it does. With a name like Buzz and a bee as our mascot we had to add some natural honey to the Natural high fructose corn syrup we use to sweeten the natural fruit juices. There is no refined sugar in Buzz Juice.

Where can I buy it?
Right now, only at the coolest and most hip stores that see new trends and rush to get them for their customers have it on their shelves. As the news about Buzz Juice spreads our distribution is growing. If there isn't a place near you yet you can order Buzz Juice direct from us. If you know of a cool store that should carry it just let us know and we will send them some info.

Who makes Buzz Juice?
Mother Nature makes all the ingredients but we here at Juiceup put everything together according to our secret recipe and bottle it for you.